Before & After – Tsukamaki Restoration 6

This one is for one of our customers, Dax Chee, who previously purchased a Sakabatou Katana last July 2010. And then he ordered a custom katana but our forge made a mistake in wrapping the tsuka. Dax wanted it wrapped in katatemaki (battle wrap) style, but it was wrapped in hinerimaki instead. So we had to re-wrap it for him.

Above photo is the original wrap

Omote and ura side – re-wrapped in katatemaki (battle wrap) style
Tsukamaki Restoration 6-2

More photos…
Tsukamaki Restoration 6-3

Tsukamaki Restoration 6-4

We hope that you like this tsukamaki restoration.

If you’re interested in our tsukamaki service, send us a message.

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