Before & After – Tsukamaki Restoration 5

Philip, one of our customers who purchased a Kaedama Ryu Katana 1060 Series, acquired our tsukamaki service after the wrapping on his katana’s tsuka became loose due to frequent use. He was on a tight budget so he asked us to re-use the original tsukaito (cord) instead of buying the desired length needed when re-wrapping a tsuka.

Re-wrapping a tsuka using the original tsukaito is very, very hard work because it would be impossible to tie the omote and ura side knots because the tsukaito needs to have an excess of at least 4-6 inches in order to tie the knots.

So we suggested that we can re-use the original tsukaito, provided we wrap it in katatemaki (battle wrap) style since this style of wrap needs lesser length of tsukaito compared to wrapping it in the standard hinerimaki style.

BEFORE (above photo is omote side)

Ura side
Tsukamaki Restoration 5-2

Naked tsuka
Tsukamaki Restoration 5-3

Tsukamaki Restoration 5-4

AFTER (omote and ura side)
Tsukamaki Restoration 5-5

Tsukamaki Restoration 5-6

More photos…
Tsukamaki Restoration 5-7

Tsukamaki Restoration 5-8

Tsukamaki Restoration 5-9

Tsukamaki Restoration 5-10

Philip was very, very happy with the outcome and posted his own version of the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photo of his katana’s tsuka posted on our Facebook page.

If you’re interested in our tsukamaki service, send us a message.

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