Before & After – Tsukamaki Restoration 4

Benj Nuñez, one of our customers who purchased one of our Kamikaze Katana T10 Pro Series last 12/21/2011 has been using his sword for training. Due to frequent use, the tsukamaki (handle wrap) eventually became loose. So he acquired our service to restore the tsukamaki on his katana.

The tsukaito (cord) was replaced with black silk tsukaito imported from Japan. He also ordered a black kakucho sageo to replace his existing sageo.

Benj was very happy with the outcome and we guarantee that this wrap will last for a very long time. We hope that you like it too.

Naked tsuka
Tsukamaki Restoration 4-2

AFTER (omote and ura side)
tsukamaki 4-3

More photos…
tsukamaki 4-4

Tsukamaki Restoration 4-5

Tsukamaki Restoration 4-6

Tsukamaki Restoration 4-7

Tsukamaki Restoration 4-8

Tsukamaki Restoration 4-9

We hope that you like it.

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