Before & After – Tsukamaki Restoration 2

Here’s another one of our tsukamaki restoration. The original wrap was done in hinerimaki or standard wrap in brown leather. Due to constant usage, the wrap became loose. Our client wanted us to re-wrap his shinken’s tsuka replacing the brown leather with brown silk and this time in katatemaki or battle wrap style.

Here’s the original wrap:

Above photo is the omote side

Ura side
tsukamaki 2-2

As you can see, the wrap near the fuchi became loose and the owner had to insert cardboard strips to prevent it from slipping or becoming loose any further but to no avail.

Here’s the tsuka after removing the wrap and cleaning it.

Omote side
Tsukamaki Restoration 2-4

Ura side
Tsukamaki Restoration 2-5And here’s the brown leather tsukaito
Tsukamaki Restoration 2-6

This cannot be re-used anymore and will be discarded.

Here are the original fittings:
Tsukamaki Restoration 2-7

The tsuba, fuchi-kashira, and seppa are made of brass while the menuki is silver. The theme is cherry blossoms.

And finally, here are photos of the finished wrapped:

BEFORE & AFTER (omote side)
Tsukamaki Restoration 2-8

BEFORE & AFTER (ura side)
Tsukamaki Restoration 2-9

More photos…
Tsukamaki Restoration 2-10

Tsukamaki Restoration 2-11

Tsukamaki Restoration 2-12

Tsukamaki Restoration 2-13

Our client was very happy with the outcome and we guarantee that this wrap will last for a very long time. We hope that you like it too.

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