Before & After – Tsukamaki Restoration 7

This one is for our sensei. He had a katana that he wanted us to re-wrap the tsuka.

What he gave to us was just the wooden tsuka core. He already made a channel for the samegawa (ray skin), but we had to make it wider. So we had to do a little bit of carving.

The samegawa (ray skin) has been applied
Tsukamaki Restoration 7-2

We wrapped his tsuka in hinerimaki style. The menuki are sakura (cherry blossoms) common on gunto (military swords) which we’ve been saving for a long time. But my sensei wanted it badly so we gave it to him and mounted it on his tsuka.

Omote and ura side
Tsukamaki Restoration 7-3

More photos…
Tsukamaki Restoration 7-4

Tsukamaki Restoration 7-5

Tsukamaki Restoration 7-6

Tsukamaki Restoration 7-7

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