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New swords and new contest

Hello everyone!

Our sincerest apologies if this newsletter arrived very late (our new stocks arrived a month ago). For those who have a Facebook account, this is already old news because we usually post product updates on our Facebook page in real time. But don’t worry, we still have a lot of stocks for the swords in this batch. Anyway, below are the swords that have arrived:

European Medieval Swords
Two-Handed Danish War Sword PHP 19,500
Bastard Sword PHP 16,500
Knight Sword PHP 16,500
Viking Sword PHP 16,500

Japanese Swords
T10 Pro Series
Kirishitan Katana 2nd Gen PHP 25,000
Gin no Sakura Handachi PHP 22,500

1060 Series
Gin no Sakura Handachi PHP 15,000
Kirishitan Katana 2nd Gen PHP 15,000
Tora Katana PHP 15,000

For swords that are currently out of stock, we’ll have new stocks of some of the swords by June/July.

Also, we currently have an on-going contest right now where we’re giving away another free sword! For this contest, we won’t be requiring you to have a sword, wear a costume, and take a photo of yourself like in our Slash a Pose contest. But we would require you to wear your “thinking cap”.

The prize for this contest is our newest sword from the video game, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, which is our version of Raiden’s High Frequency Blade (black coated version). Here’s the contest mechanics for the 1st contest of this year:

Geisha’s Blade Win a Sword – Article Writing Contest

Also don’t forget, if you don’t have immediate funds, you can avail any of these swords through our Layaway Plan.

Geisha’s Blade

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