Article Writing Contest

It’s contest time again at Geisha’s Blade. For this contest, we won’t be requiring you to have a sword, wear a costume, and take a photo of yourself like in our Slash a Pose contest. But we would require you to wear your “thinking cap”.

monksPhoto of komusou, Fuke Zen priests, wearing tengai (woven straw hat) playing the shakuhachi flute in an effort to shut out the rest of the world.

The prize for this contest is our newest sword from the video game, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, which is our version of Raiden’s High Frequency Blade (black coated version).

Raiden High Frequency Blade (Black)


So how to join and win this awesome sword? It’s very simple. You just need to write an article about us on your blog site or website. What will you write about us? It can be anything. You can write about our history and/or our products. You can start off with something like: “Geisha’s Blade, is an online shop based in Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines that sells modern samurai swords, medieval swords, swords from popular anime and video games, etc…”. You can also write about this contest and/or other contests we’ve held in the past. You can write about the quality of our swords. Even though you don’t own a Geisha’s Blade sword yet, you can base it on our product photos and/or reviews of our customers both on Facebook and our website. If you’ve met or seen us in person before, you can write there how or where you’ve met or seen us. Was it in one of our public exhibits or when you purchased a product and met up with us? How did you hear about us? Was it through a friend, through Facebook, or elsewhere? Have you inquired with us before? Then you can write there how fast or slow we responded to your inquiry and if we managed to answer your questions well. You can also write there your peeve about us for not having a physical store or showroom and that we don’t publicly post our contact number (we have a very good reason for not posting our contact number publicly).

Feel free to use any photos or texts from our website or Facebook page. We highly encourage you to visit the FAQ, About Us, Gallery pages on our site to give you more ideas and materials to write about us. The more your write about us and our products, the higher your chances of winning. We would appreciate if you write facts and not exaggerate. If you write something fictitious or provide false information like for example we’re the makers of the swords used in the movie LOTR or Braveheart, then your article is disqualified. We do have swords based on the movies Last Samurai, Sucker Punch, etc, but they’re just replicas and we’ve never ever once mentioned they’re the swords used in those movies, just so we’re clear. We’d also appreciate if you don’t post our email addresses. We don’t want spambots harvesting our email addresses and flooding our inboxes with spam. If you feel the need to post a link on how to contact us, you can put a link to our ‘Contact Us‘ page. There will only be one winner for this contest, so make sure you do your best!

You need to write your article on your blog site or website with a good title, SIGN IT WITH YOUR NAME AND DATE when you wrote/published your work. If you don’t have a blog or website, then you can sign up one for free. There’s WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, etc. Your article must have a minimum of 600 words (yes, we’ll count each word) and should be in English or Taglish. Don’t worry, we’re not grammar nazis and we won’t judge your article based on your grammar, but on your content. It must contain links to our website, our Facebook page, and the link to the prize we’re giving away. It should also contain photos and not just texts (feel free to use the photos from our website or Facebook page). This contest is open to Philippine residents only and should be at least 18 years of age.

Send us an email at contest(at) with the subject: ARTICLE WRITING CONTEST. Don’t forget to include your name, age, location and the link to your article. After emailing us your entry, post the title and link of your article on your Facebook timeline and tag our page. You can submit only 1 entry/article and should be your original work. Please don’t try to plagiarize someone else’s article. Contest starts on February 5, 2014. Deadline of submission of entries is until 11:59pm of March 5, 2014.

The winner with the best article will be announced on the official Facebook page of Geisha’s Blade 芸者の刃  on March 15, 2014 and will be notified through private message via Facebook or personal email.

Winner residing in Metro Manila can claim their prize at our dojo at Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong during Saturdays from 6pm – 7pm only. If the winner resides outside Metro Manila, we will your prize to your mailing address free of charge.

This contest is not in any way associated, sponsored, endorsed by Facebook. Information are directly provided to Geisha’s Blade  and not to Facebook.

Geisha’s Blade 芸者の刃 shall not be responsible for any and all forms of use, misuse, injury, disability, damage, any other serious risk, or loss incurred sustained by the participant or by any person in connection with the contest. All participants/winners assume all liability for any loss, injury, damage or claim that may arise from participating in the contest or use or redemption of any prize.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your tengai and shakuhachi and start meditating, err, writing! ^_^

Kajiwara Kagesue sitting with writing paper and a writing brush

Woodblock print of Kajiwara Kagesue sitting with writing paper and a writing brush, his armor behind him.

Should you have any questions, feel free to send us an email at contest(at) or post a comment below.

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