Before Geisha’s Blade

Would you like to learn more about Aldwin of Geisha’s Blade back in the day?

Before Geisha’s Blade was officially launched, Aldwin was both a buyer and a seller on eBay Philippines. He was very active on the eBay forums, helping both buyers and sellers alike in regards to buying and selling on eBay. He became an eBay Education Specialist (2007-2009) and the eBay Philippines Community Assistant (2010 – 2011). He also held seminars teaching new sellers to sell on eBay and use PayPal as their primary mode of accepting payments. Here are his photos from those days, with 90% less hair.

Aldwin and Jaimee at the eBay Southeast Asia office in Singapore (2007)

With Lee Yee, the Senior Manager, Marketplace Development of eBay Southeast Asia at that time

With Kevin, the Product Lead of eBay Southeast Asia at that time

In 2008, eBay Philippines held an event called “eBay Summer Fiesta” at the Robinsons Forum, Mandaluyong City. It was a fun filled day with activities, entertainment, and celebrities.

Jaimee and Aldwin (2008)

With Jolina Magdangal ( style ambassador at that time)

On stage giving a talk about buying and selling on with fellow eBay Education Specialist, Eireen

With top sellers of and eBay Southeast Asia team (2008)

Also in 2008, Aldwin and Jaimee went to Hong Kong and visited the eBay International HK office.

Not sure when the following photos below were taken, but Aldwin still has short hair here. He was giving a seminar with fellow eBay Education Specialist, Eireen, about selling on eBay and using PayPal.

Also some time in 2008, eBay held a private dinner for top sellers in the Philippines, who transacts domestically and internationally.

With Domestic Top Sellers and eBay Southeast Asia Team

With International Top Sellers and eBay Southeast Asia Team

With Dan Neary, Vice President of eBay Southeast Asia at that time

Jaimee and Aldwin at an eBay Philippines event in 2006

Aldwin owes a great deal of gratitude to his fellow eBay sellers. We all learned from each others’ mistakes and success, and with that experience, applied it to Geisha’s Blade.

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