Failed Cuts

“Don’t blame the sword if it cannot cut well, blame the wielder.” 😅

In every successful cut, there will always be some failed cuts. A compilation (2014-2020) of Aldwin’s failed cuts. Watch till the end.


Swords used:
• Aldwin’s personal katana (T10 steel, folded and soshu kitae laminated)
• Sephiroth’s Masamune Odachi (1050 steel)
• Kirishitan Katana (1060 steel)
• Kris (made by BCI 5160 steel)
• Amatsukami Iaito Katana (sharpened 1050 steel)
• Tenchi Katana (made by Cheness 9260 steel)
• Kamakiri Katana (1060 steel)
• Gin no Sakura Handachi (1060 steel)
• Nagamaki (1060 steel)
• Mugen Wakizashi (2nd Gen 1045 steel)
• Tonbo Katana (1060 steel)

* Disclaimer *
Geisha’s Blade 芸者の刃 swords are sold only for training under expert supervision, for demonstration of forms, collection or display. Inspect swords before use to ensure they are in proper condition. Geisha’s Blade 芸者の刃 is not responsible for any and all forms of use, misuse, injury, disability, damage, any other serious risk, or loss incurred. By purchasing any of our products, the buyer agrees they are 18 years of age, is fully responsible and assumes all liability.

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