Samurai Santa Gift Giveaway

Last December 17, 2013 we posted a photo of “Samurai Santa” on our Facebook page and asked people what Geisha’s Blade sword would they like to receive for Christmas? It was just a random question to see what swords people really like.

A week later on December 24, 2013 after reading all the wishes, we felt like making one HUMBLE wish come true since it was the season of giving. More comments/wishes were posted and we’re so delighted reading them. Then on the eve of New Year, December 31, 2013, we decided to make not 1 humble wish, but 3 HUMBLE wishes come true!

We were supposed to announce the lucky 3 on eve of 31st December, 2013 but Samurai Santa had too much ‘sake’. So we announced the winners on New Year’s day and we announced not 3, but 5 HUMBLE wishes as we were feeling generous during the Holiday Season! ^_^

Here’s the post where we announced the lucky 5 chosen by Samurai Santa and Geisha’s Blade.

Samurai Santa Winners

Here are the 5 HUMBLE wishes Samurai Santa and Geisha’s Blade 芸者の刃 have chosen:

1. Reika Amakura’s wish did not specify any particular sword and she’s happy with any steel bladed sword that’s not even sharpened. Unfortunately, we don’t have any machine made swords in stock. But our sister company still has several swords available. So we’ll be giving her a “Tiger Samurai Sword” courtesy of Sword Like Objects.

2. We have a lot of international fans who’ve been wanting to buy swords from us. It’s unfortunate that we don’t ship swords internationally. Kinjou Okumura-Ten is from the USA and her wish is to have our Shiro Hannya Mask which she has never seen in the States and she’ll be happy to wear it with pride!

3. Pj Lim Ho bought gifts for his loved ones so he didn’t have enough money to buy a gift for himself anymore. Because of this selfless act, Samurai Santa decided to grant his wish of a Shirasaya Katana.

4. The Holiday Season is the season of sharing—and Shun Hanzo’s wish is to have Saber’s Excalibur which he’d be happy to share with his friends.

5. Gian Lois Lanuza Concepcion’s wish is just to have a Bamboo Shinai and a letter of encouragement to start his journey in the way of the sword. Instead, we’ll give him a Raijin Katana (and a letter of encouragement) to start him on his path.

Here are the photos of the lucky 4 with their gifts (Kinjou Okumura-Ten is from the USA and is yet to receive her gift. We’ll be updating this post once she received it):


Reika Amakura from Batangas with her gift
Reika Amakura's giftReika even wrote about the gift she received on her blog. You can read it here.


Pj Lim Ho with his gift
Pj Lim Ho's gift


Shun Hanzo with his gift
Shun Hanzo's gift


Gian Lois Lanuza Concepcion
Gian Concepcion's gift

It’s really heartwarming to read their reactions when they were chosen and to see their smiles on their faces when they received their gifts. We hope that we can give gifts to everyone, but we’d go out of business ^_^ We hope that you’d be nice this year as Samurai Santa and Geisha’s Blade might be giving away more gifts in this year’s Holiday Season! This is an event to look out for since we’ve already expanded our inventory. We won’t be just giving away samurai swords, we also now have European Medieval swords added to our inventory and a wide variety of swords based on popular anime/manga/video game!


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