Geisha’s Blade at History Con 2018

Our 3rd year at History Convention and our 11th exhibit to date! Despite the bad weather, we had a great time at History Con! A lot of people braved the winds and rain and still visited our booth. People who attended the past 2 History Con events came over to see us again. It was also great meeting new people. This 3-day event was held at the World Trade Center, Pasay City last August 10-12, 2018.

Another thing that made History Con 2018 enjoyable was the people around us—friends and family who helped out and supported us throughout the convention. Many thanks to the same people who have helped us out in our previous exhibits, namely: JLex Alcala, Renz Roger Rebalbos, James Deocariza, Janus Jasper Mesina, Ram Maquimot, Al De La Cruz, Garret Leonardo. Without them, we wouldn’t have survived! 

To all our customers and everyone who’s been there for us, a very big thank you! Don’t ever get tired of supporting Geisha’s Blade. Thank you for helping us make History.

Setting up…

All done! High quality Japanese style samurai swords, katana, samurai armors in the Philippines!

Lord of the Rings swords and Game of Thrones Longclaw.

These anime swords (except for the Raiden HF Blade in the middle of the 3-tier rack) are just machine made and are not sharpened. We had to  place a sign that the blades are “sharp” to prevent people from touching them. Whenever they touch them, we had to clean them.

Samurai Armor figures. Check them out here.

Knives by Batangas Armory

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