Geisha’s Blade at History Con 2016

The first ever History Convention in the world happened on August 25-28, 2016 at the World Trade Center, Pasay City, Philippines. We were very lucky to be invited to the first ever History Con. This was also our first time to go on an exhibit for 4 straight days, making this event our 6th exhibit to date.

We’d like to thank everyone who visited our booth at History Con, those who wore our full suit of armor (hope you had a great time), those who purchased swords (enjoy your new sharp, pointy, deadly, and sexy blades, please stay safe), those who had their photos taken, to IGA Kendo Club who performed at the event, and especially to our very good friends and members of the Philippine Backyard Cutters Facebook group who helped us set up and man our booth, namely JLex Alcala, Fulbert Navarro and his wife (who came all the way from Cebu just to help us), James Deocariza, Ram Maquimot, Al Dela Cruz, Konryu Shin, Janus Mesina, our college friend Renz Rebalbos, and our nephew Alni Leonardo; without you guys, this event wouldn’t have been possible. You guys were awesome, you have our love and respect and we can’t thank you enough!

Also thanks to History Channel for inviting us to be a part of this memorable event. It was really tiring, but we really had an amazing time! Enjoy the photos we took during the 4-day event and the video uploaded by History Channel featuring Geisha’s Blade with Simon Yin below.

We were also featured at Matanglawin show during the convention. Don’t mind Aldwin, he’s just an extra here. 😄

Setting up…

All done! Here are some photos our  high quality Japanese style samurai swords, katana, and samurai armors in the Philippines!

We gave away a free sword during the event.

The winner!

Loisa Andalio from Matanglawin show

Our good friend JLex Alcala assisting customers wear a full suit of samurai armor.

Our friends Jason and Gem De Leon with kids.

Aldwin of Geisha’s Blade, Simon Yin, and our friend Fulbert Navarro who came all the way from Cebu.

Our good friend Renz Rebalbos with Simon Yin.

Samurai Santa?

With Justin Mott from the TV show Photo Face-Off

With Brandon Vera

With Brandon Vera, Gab Chee Kee, and our friend Ram Maquimot of Batangas Armory


Live video during the event.

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