FF7 Fusion Sword


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The Fusion Sword is the preferred weapon of Cloud Strife in the film Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. It is composed of six swords that assemble into a single large sword.

The main blade is called the First Sword; the Hollow Blade serves as the front edge; the Back Blades – two identical (but asymmetrically opposite) blades form the back; and the Side Blades – two identical (also asymmetrically opposite) smaller blades attach to the sides.

In the film, the size of the Fusion Sword is about 6ft, but our version is smaller with an overall length of 4.25ft for practical reasons. With our version, the whole sword already weighs about 6kg and difficult to lift with just one hand. Imagine if this sword has an overall length of 6ft, it will definitely be heavier.

• Blade Material: Carbon Steel
• Edge: Non-sharpened
• Treatment: Machine made
• Overall Length when combined: 51 inches
• Widest part of the blade: 6.25 inches
• Handle: 11.5 inches plastic wrapped in red cord
• Hand guard and other fittings: plastic
• First Sword – Overall length: 47.25 inches
• Hollow Blade – Overall length: 34 inches
• Back Blades – Overall length: 38 inches
• Side Blades – Overall length: 23 inches
• Weight when combined: approx 6kg

• Specs may vary slightly from sword to sword
• Packaging: carton box


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