Geisha’s Blade with Ryu Lim and Parokya Ni Edgar

Cutting Party with Forged in Fire Champion: Ryu Lim and Parokyo ni Edgar

Aldwin of Geisha’s Blade 芸者の刃 , Ryu Lim, Blacksmith – Forged in Fire Champion (s01e03), Ram Maquimot of Batangas Armory, and Diosdado Ona of Ona’s Batangas Blades

Pandayan Sessions
March 19, 2016
Batangas City, Philippines

Photo courtesy of Alan Ebora

“Parokya ni Geisha’s Blade”

Cutting party with members of Parokya ni Edgar, Ryan Eigenmann, Ryu Lim, Ram Maquimot, Aldwin of Geisha’s Blade, and friends.

Chito Miranda with his Geisha’s Blade Hitokiri Battousai / Udo Jin-e Katana

Gab Chee Kee with Geisha’s Blade Tora Katana (customized by Ram Maquimot)

Darius Semana with Geisha’s Blade Kirishitan Katana

Darius Semana of Parokya ni Edgar, Aldwin of Geisha’s Blade, and someone in yoroi.

If Aldwin is in this photo, who’s wearing his yoroi? Can you guess who this mystery man is? Clue: check the footwear 😄

One of our favorite clips during our cutting party last March 22, 2016

Chito Miranda of Parokya ni Edgar using our Kirishitan Katana 2nd Gen with Ryan Eigenmann fangirling in the background

Please note that this was Chito’s first time cutting with a katana. Before our cutting session, we taught him how how to properly handle the sword, proper form, strikes, footwork, etc., but due to too much excitement, he forgot about it. So please, forgive his form.

Nice cuts by Ryu Lim, with his new Geisha’s Blade 芸者の刃 sword, the “Kaedama Ryu Katana”.

First time cutting with our Highlander Katana against harder targets to test if its ABS plastic handle would hold up. We’re glad that it did as this sword was very fun to cut with. The blade is light, but feels very solid (since there’s no bohi on the blade). However, the handle feels a bit awkward since it’s thicker than our other swords with traditional handles.

Here are the swords we used during our cutting party.

Ryu Lim cutting with his new Geisha’s Blade 芸者の刃 sword, the Kaedama Ryu Katana, while wearing Aldwin’s samurai armor.

Here’s a nice photo of Ryu Lim wearing Aldwin’s samurai armor. It looks like he’s on a battlefield who just finished slaughtering his enemies.

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