Geisha’s Blade at History Con 2017

Our 9th exhibit to date and our 2nd year to join History Convention. Held at the World Trade Center, Pasay City last August 10-13, 2017. History Con’s slogan this year was: “Bigger, Better, and Bolder” and it was! Our very own, Ryu Lim, Forged in Fire Champion (s01e03) finally joined us this year along with other History celebrities.

It was a very tiring 4 days for Geisha’s Blade but we all had an amazing time! Muscles were aching, feet were painful, and we’ve lost our voices, but we enjoyed chatting with everyone who visited our booth talking about swords and stuff.

Thanks to HISTORY for inviting us for the 2nd time and a big special thanks to our friends namely JLex Alcala, Renz Roger Rebalbos (he ate the world’s hottest pepper at HCon 2017), James Deocariza (who has to go home every night to Batangas), Fulbert Navarro, Emee Emz Tapia-Navarro, Don Reenmon Labang (who came all the way from Cebu to help us out), Janus Jasper Mesina, Ram Maquimot, Al De La Cruz, Rusty Dela Cruz, Garret Leonardo, Shin Konryu, and Yuki Sanada. They’ve been a vital part of our operation in the past 4 days for without them we wouldn’t have been able to function well. We owe them our deepest gratitude.

Aldwin, Jaimee, and their little girl Jinjer with the awesome and very talented cosplayer, Jin (behindinfinity).

We’d also like to thank everyone who visited our booth, purchased swords, and wore our armors. You guys made the experience more enjoyable! We hope that you had a great time as well.

Enjoy the photos we took during the event and a live video. You’ll also see a video of Ryu Lim cutting with one of our swords on stage. Till next year!

Setting up…

All done! High quality Japanese style samurai swords, katana, samurai armors in the Philippines!

Forged In Fire section: Geisha’s Blade, Derek’s Classic Blade Exchange, Knife Maker Cebu

Aldwin of Geisha’s Blade with friends Ram Maquimot, Renz Rebalbos, Rusty Dela Cruz, and Ryu Lim.

Our friends James Deocariza, Ram Maquimot, JLex Alcala, Yuki Sanada, Al Dela Cruz.

Our friends Ram Maquimot, Al Dela Cruz, and Janus Mesina hanging out with Ryu Lim backstage.

Our friends Konryu Shin, James Deocariza, and Janus Mesina going around the venue to promote our samurai armors.

Our good friend Renz Rebalbos after eating one whole pod of Carolina Reaper pepper. You can watch his video here.

Aldwin of Geisha’s Blade checking out Ryu Lim’s tools and blades.

Ryu Lim cutting with one of our swords on stage. Video courtesy of UnGeek.

Ryu Lim and Simon Yin admiring one of our swords.

Ryu Lim wearing our black samurai armor.

Our nephew Alni Leonardo with Takeru Kobayashi (competitive eating world champion)

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