Nope, this isn’t an April Fool’s post. I just came back from the hospital early this morning. We, at Geisha’s Blade, cannot emphasize enough that SWORDS ARE NOT TOYS! This happened while I was trying to clean my Gin no Sakura Handachi. Despite my experience in handling swords and after getting a lot of minor “sword bites”, I have to say, I was very careless.

Don’t let this happen to you. You don’t want to spend thousands for hospital bills, or worse, losing a digit or the ability to use your hand. The cut was very deep, you can already see the layer of fat. I was lucky that it didn’t hit a tendon, which would require major surgery and the possibility that I won’t be able to use my hand anymore. So please, when you handle a sword, be very, very, very careful and treat it with utmost respect. Otherwise, it will really bite you.

– Aldwin

Below are the photos to prove our point that SWORDS ARE NOT TOYS!


A few seconds after I got cut
Sword Accident 1


At the ER, getting cleaned up
Sword Accident 2


Still bleeding profusely. Can you see the layer of fat?
Sword Accident 3


All stitched up! I was expecting more. Well, it’s a good thing it’s only 4 stitches because the hospital charges per stitch! I also got a tetanus shot which added to the bill.
Sword Accident 4

According to the doctor, the wound will heal in about a week. After which I have to go back to the hospital to have the stitches removed. I also need to take anti-biotics and pain relievers everyday. This isn’t just a very expensive experience, I almost lost the ability to use my hand if the cut went deeper. I was very lucky and I hope this won’t happen to me (or anyone else) again.


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